Master Keys & Master Key Systems

As a business owner, balancing business security with appropriate employee access is key. Security and convenience are crucial parts of any business, big or small, and having an established master key system offers a safe and simple solution — without compromising on privacy and relinquishing the need for a plethora of keys. A master key system comprises of only four types of keys, making it easier to keep track of every key made. The trusted locksmiths in Ocala, FL, at Be Secure Locksmith are dedicated to providing quick, efficient master re-keying and other locksmith services for your commercial business. Contact us today to schedule master key services!

What Is A Master Key System?

A master key system works effectively because of its multi-tiered framework. There are four primary types of keys: change key, master key, grand master key, and great grand master key. The change key opens only one lock and other locks that are exactly the same. A master key opens multiple locks in a building, such as every door in an office. Grand master and great grand master keys are less common and usually come into play if there are multiple master key systems present.

When Is A Master Key System Necessary?

Master key systems enhance the security of your commercial business and give property owners peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel have access to the building. These keys eliminate the need to create a separate key for each door and provide flexibility for offices and other commercial businesses during the design phase. Master keys are frequently used by landlords responsible for the upkeep of an apartment or housing complex. In addition, master keys lessen the burden on property managers by getting rid of cumbersome keys and streamlining the keying system.

Master Re-Keying

Master rekeying is ideal for property owners needing a new master key. For example, if an employee quits a business and doesn’t return his/her key, the building owner would need to re-key the locks, as well as create a new master key. Also, master rekeying is necessary when landlords want to change keys after a tenant moves out and keeps a key. It’s important to note that rekeying doesn’t involve installing new locks, and business owners can keep existing locks. Whatever the circumstances, our team of Ocala locksmiths provides fast, top-quality rekeying services to benefit your business.

Ocala Master Key Locksmiths

Commercial business owners no longer have to worry about the security of their property — our locksmiths are here to help! At Be Secure Locksmith, we strive to provide property owners with the best in lock and key services in Ocala, The Villages, Silver Springs, Belleview, and other surrounding areas. Our team guarantees a long-lasting and secure lock system no matter the needs of your business.