Key Duplication

If you own a home or car, a spare key is a necessity — life happens and sometimes the primary key gets misplaced or you just need an extra set. Even with advancements in key technology, keys are small and easy to lose so it’s always helpful to have a backup. Locks are made up of pins that need to be in specific spots in order to release the barrel. Grooved within every key is a pattern of teeth, divots, and indentations that open each unique lock. At Be Secure Locksmith Ocala, we match the pattern of your key exactly, providing you with multiple copies for the same lock. No matter if the lock is old or new, our locksmiths in Ocala, FL, can make a perfect duplicate that allows homeowners and car owners to access what they need right away. Contact us today to schedule key duplication services or to learn more about all the locksmith services we offer!

Residential Key Duplication

Homes come with lots of locks, which means homeowners often need multiple different keys for the front door, the back door, the garage, and other rooms in the house. All your personal belongings and mementos are located within your home, so it’s vital to always have access to your home in case of a misplaced house key. Our residential locksmiths understand that family members and trusted neighbors having duplicate keys is an easy way to prevent emergency lockouts and our priority is to help homeowners keep their property safe and secure. That’s why we cut and copy many different types of keys found in the home including standard Schlage or Kwikset house keys, desk keys, antique keys, and more!

Car Key Duplication

Don’t wait until you lock your keys in the car — get a duplicate car key early and be prepared for unexpected lockouts. All you need to make a car key replacement is a current, working key for the vehicle. The working key is placed on a duplicating machine along with the blank key. Then, the working key is read and copied onto the blank key. If the original car key doesn’t work, getting a replacement key may be necessary. It’s crucial that you choose an experienced auto locksmith to duplicate your car key; if not done correctly, the key won’t work in the lock. We duplicate many different types of automotive keys, even the higher-tech ones that require complex car key programming with your vehicle.

Key Duplication Service In Ocala, FL

Never be without the keys you need. Getting duplicate keys is essential to the security and safety of homeowners and vehicle owners alike. Our team of locksmiths performs high-quality, fast lock and key services so you can get back to what’s important: keeping your home and car safe and secure. At Be Secure Locksmith Ocala, we are dedicated to providing property owners with the peace of mind that comes with a secure home or business through our many locksmith services offered to residents of Ocala, The Villages, Silver Springs, Belleview, and other surrounding areas.